Take a little time off, it doesn’t have to be long and make art with your children.
​This can be ANYTHING creative to do together. 

Yesterday, I took out some air-drying clay, (yes, I have things like that stored for days like this in my art stash studio) we rolled it out evenly with a baking roller on the dining room table. (Mom did this part)
Placed a small bowl on top & cut around the edge of the bowl with a butter knife to get a clay disk. Then we used stamps & colored inkpads to imprint patterns into the wet clay. While the clay disk was still damp, we gently pushed them into the bowl with our fingers to take the shape of the bowl and allowed them to dry overnight.
This morning, I gently nudged them out & voila!
My kids proudly made one for every family member for Christmas.

ps. It doesn’t matter if your children are four or forty!

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”, Pablo Picasso

Creating art with your kids has a list of amazing benefits. 

-It helps to develop the right-hand side of the brain. (This is the creative side of the brain that controls memory, attention, spatial abilities, reasoning, visual awareness, imagination and problem solving.)

-It helps children express, communicate & release inhibited, unspoken feelings they may not have words for. Read that again.
This is huge! A portal of insight into how they are really feeling.

-Creates insight & problem solving skills through their imagination.

-Art can give children a sense of value & self worth, & help them build confidence.

-It instils peace & feeds the soul, helping them escape & deal with the hardships of the world.

-Art reduces stress & anxiety, & promotes creativity.

-It’s fun to make things!

Your kids love spending time with you, in my mind, there is no greater gift than your time, & you do not need expensive materials or art supplies to make it fun.
See what you have at home already. Some computer paper, pencils, wax crayons or watercolours is just perfect!

My number one rule is… THERE ARE NO RULES!
There is no wrong in ‘art world’. Skies can be green & grass can be pink. Just aim for having fun & don’t think too much about it. It’s okay if YOU can’t draw a stickman, it doesn’t matter. Follow your children’s confidence.

Sit down with them & ask them, ‘What shall we draw together?'”. 
More than likely, they will have the subject almost immediately.
Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:
-My Family
-My home
-My friends
-My Pets
-Imaginary animals 
-Things I love
-Things that scare me
-Things that make me happy
-My feelings

Taking the role as a facilitator of joy, do not judge their art & do not judge your own either.
Their art is significant & important just the way it is. The object of the creative journey is the creating, not the end result. If you keep this in mind, it wont matter if their dog looks like a horse, or if mommy is wearing pants or has a different hairstyle to what is ‘real’.

Laugh & play! Encourage your children by telling them about the picture you have created. Then ask them questions about their drawings too.
You connect with them on a very personal & psychological level that makes them feel validated & important.
‘Mom or dad think my ideas matter’, that makes them feel special.

Art is as important as communication, for me & my kids, it’s an absolute necessity.
​Keep creating beautiful artists.

If you have any questions, Please ask away in the comments below. Share your art by tagging me with #artzoo. I’d love to see your creations.

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