“When I tentatively attended your beginner’s art class in 2005 you opened a door to a creative world that has enriched my life beyond measure. In the ten years I have been coming to your classes I have accomplished more creatively than I ever imagined. You have given me such a gift – this love for painting – and it is a gift that will bring me joy and comfort for the rest of my life. As a teacher you are patient, encouraging and adventurous, and I have blossomed under your guidance.  It is because of you that I proudly call myself ‘an artist’. Thank you for everything – you’re the best!” – Bronwyn  Middendorp

 “I’ve always felt that I could paint but I never felt like an artist until I joined Monique’s class.” – Shelley Blake

“As an Educational Psychologist, Monique is one of the most skilled teachers I’ve ever come across. Her gift at visualising exactly the painting you are imagining, and translating that into the technical details of which medium will create the right effect; and what  pitfalls to avoid, makes you feel like a successful artist from the beginning. I love the work I’ve done with her, and the fact that she was willing to help me experiment. This is my art teacher for life! I’d never go to anybody else.” – Sharon Doubell

 “Drama, emotion, use of colour.  Your mark is on all my work, Monique. I’m forever grateful for your teaching and mentorship.” – Gail Vorster
I thought I couldn’t draw let alone paint. I met Monique and she challenged me to try by joining one of her classes. I now can draw and paint pictures and whenever I do either I always think of her with warm gratitude, she always has a smile, very patient, inspiring and encouraging.” – Jannette Wilson

 “Monique Bailey got me going again after a 50 year gap from art school! I have since sold a lot of portraits in SA and UK. She is an inspiration and fund of knowledge,  which she imparted to me. The Art Zoo can be recommended to beginners and  accomplished artists wishing to improve their skills.” – Tony Matthews

 “Monique  is the very best art teacher I have known. Her eye for colour is surely gifted – she always teaches & guides within your own natural style. She is  an all round honey of a girl and going to an art class with Mon is the highlight of any week” – Patricia Doubell

I never thought that I would ever be able to sketch or paint, that was until I met Monique. Thanks to Monique and her excellent teaching skills and infinite  patience, I have actually produced “works of art” which are  now on display in my family’s homes. THANK YOU MONIQUE!!! ” – Sharlene

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