Jemima Knight

She races to the buzzing hive
to tell the thrilling news:
“I’ve found some nectar everyone –
just watch my dancing shoes…”

Belle the bee is on a mission to find nectar in a dull, grey world. When the task seems impossible she nearly gives up until she is offered help from an unlikely friend.

A story about the importance of nature in our world and how everyone – no matter how big or small – can make a difference.

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Gisela de Oliveira Esteves

Gisela de Oliveira Esteves

The publicly perceived notion that the medical profession is a noble one has nothing to do with reality.

Dr Gisela spent the better part of her early career working with medical emergencies in Johannesburg’s trauma units, evacuating sick and injured patients from remote areas into first-world hospitals, and saving the lives of countless souls amidst violence, human decay, and hopeless despair. Behind her poker face lay a deep-seated hatred for the human race, and the hypocrite within could no longer survive.

After years of broken promises, Dr Gisela finds herself at the edge of a deep, dark abyss, bitter in her profession and angry at her God for giving her the perfect angel of a daughter to raise. Although her only desire is to evacuate herself out of this life, she is unable to turn her back on her child.

In a desperate attempt to save her soul, and never having hiked a day in her life, she embarks on a 300-kilometre pilgrimage through the mountains of South Africa’s Eastern Cape in search of deliverance, redemption, or an epiphany. She is mostly looking for a way back to love.

Astika Chetram

Imagine if you were going about your routine and your found a unicorn in your garden…
​What would you do?
This cute story sparks the imagination & includes humour to make for an enchanting bedtime read that will become an absolute favourite. 
Astika is offering her book for R200, incl postage to South African residents.
If you would like to purchase a copy of ‘A Unicorn in my garden’, Please email Astika directly by clicking the button below. 

Talha Omar

This gorgeous book is about Harry, a sweet & witty Hadeda who is learning to count. It has been written in Afrikaans by the talented Talha Omar who is nine years old.

Farzana Sonvadi

The super cute children’s story about a squirrel, no wait… or is it?

Colleen Faulconbridge

“Mother Goddess, I ask of you to allow me to inhabit your Cauldron of Inspiration!
Forge me into a writer. Prick my mind and soul with poetry.
Fill me with my commitment to my writing! This I ask of you. So mote it be!”

Judy Barnes

As a teenager, Judy instinctively knew there was more to life than religion prescribed. When her son attempted suicide at 16 and related a very unusual near-death experience, she set out to discover the truth. Her journey has taken a lifetime but her Spiritual guidance and encounters, visits to past lives, and meeting soulmates from other lives will leave you in no doubt that we are made of Spirit and energy – which can never die.

Patricia Barnard

“Southern Africa has always been my home. Various educational achievements and different occupations have kept me busy, but since childhood writing has been my passion.
Many of my stories have been published and distributed in schools in Southern Africa. Now, I’ve re-written those stories in a different style. It’s a style that I hope all children, who can read English, will enjoy.”
Gisela de Oliveira Esteves
Christopher decides to earn some money by working during his school holidays. A farmer gives him a job looking after sheep during the day. A frightening storm floods his house, and the river he has to cross breaks its banks. How will Christopher get to the farm?
Gibson sees an old man with a crutch sitting on a bench near the store. He sits on the ground near the old man, who tells Gibson his story about a lion attacking him. Afterwards Gibson runs to a nearby field and calls his friends. They follow him back to look at the old man. They hear a lot of shouting and are surprised when they see the shop keeper holding the crutch and the old man running away.
“Uncle Sam won’t mind!” James assures his friends when they get in the car, with young James acting as driver, but they all leap out again when James tries to be too clever.
Gisela de Oliveira Esteves
In winter, Onias sleeps too late to get to school on time. His friends don’t call him on their way to school because he’s never ready. His aunt sends him a parcel. He shows his friends what’s in it and tells them that if they make sure he’s up and wait for him on their way to school, he’ll share his present. They like the idea. What is in it? Read the story to find out!
Gisela de Oliveira Esteves
Peter Motlala is crazy about soccer. He admires Botshe Ofentse, a local soccer star. He spots Botshe in the local store and stops to talk to him. Botshe doesn’t chat to him. Peter is disappointed. He sees a woman in the aisle hiding something in her coat. He tells Botshe and the manager about her. They watch her. What happens? Peter is happy, but why? Read on to find out…
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