My father used to say, “Art is about a feeling” and he was spot on!

It’s about expressing yourself & finding your passion. Our lives are a vapour that appear for a little while & then vanish. I fought hard to do what I love; I encourage you to do the same.

I am not a style stereotype. I have numerous artwork styles; I adore different mediums, subject matter & the freedom to just be me. My art changes, as my mood & life does too.

Check out some of my work in both digital & traditional media and feel free to contact me via e-mail for illustration quotes.


Once upon a time…
I was commissioned through a publishing company to illustrate a book cover when I was just twelve years old. 
​I have been jotting down story ideas for the longest time.
​Putting it on my bucket list to ‘One day’ illustrate & get my own books published.
​When my son, Kai, came up with the gorgeous ‘Ed’ concept, it was the perfect motivation to finally get started.


The Hair with 1000 Knots

Who likes 1000 knots in her haireedoo?
Coco does … that’s who.

This is the hilHAIRious tale of how Coco’s exhausted mom solves the HAIRoble challenge of brushing her daughter’s long, crazy hair. When her schoolteacher doesn’t even recognise her, Coco realises she is very special.

It’s whimsical & wacky with a positive message for all little girls, who don’t want to brush their curls.

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Love...Without Words

”Wordlessly wondrous, this kawaai-inspired love story traces the epic adventure of a chibi-protagonist, determined to find his beloved.
Will he conquer adversity and find her or does fate have other plans for the lovers?
Follow their adventures and be moved by their tribulations and tenacity.”
-Ingrid Barnsley

Why not personalize the blank pages with a special message, love quotation, poem or photograph? 

This unique love story was inspired by the 2018 Inktober prompts created by Jake Parker.
​(More info about the challenge can be found at

”A wonderful illustration and a fun book cover; I would definitely pick this off the shelf as it transmits such a positive message.
Beautiful and unique.”
​-Deranged Doctor Design


​Ed A matter-of-fact, funny frog book

Ed lays her eggs inside a bog and the tadpoles hatch, one by one. They swim and grow and have fun. Then one day their legs pop out and they become froglets.

They can now sit on Ed’s favourite stick and she teaches them how their life cycle goes. She also teaches them to take care of the environment and tells them that all living plants and creatures die.

‘Do your part, be a helping hand, To save all creatures of our land’ is an excellent message to all young readers.

-reviewed by Mamta Madhaven, readers favorite.

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